NovaTerrae Business Engines

Quickly realize high quality, fully automatic business processes

  • Fully automatic Sales Order Handling
  • Fully automatic Purchasing
  • Fully automatic Production Order Creation
  • Fully automatic Invoicing ( also intercompany )
  • Possibility of fully automatic payments with approval
  • Fully automatic customer communication
  • Fully Automatic Reminders
  • Fully automatic push notifications
  • Free automation fields
  • Free configurable scanning processes
  • Automate all your business processes without programming
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The flying start with BPM

BPM stands for Business Process Management. It is the art of improving your business processes. Many companies struggle with this. Good master data and well-structured business processes are crucial for successful automation. To make successful automation easier, we have developed the Business Automation Pack based on Aptean Advanced Workflow. Many years of experience with automation have led to the automation pack with ready-made business processes that are tested  in practice and that work immediately out of the box. This way you can make a flying start with BPM. and continuously improving your operating result.

Marc Fidder, Co-founder of NovaTerrae B.V. 

Configure any process any way you want !

Are you ready for No Code Business Proces Automation. Ready to build any proces any way you want?    Download the free factsheet of the Business Automation Pack for business central.
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