Intercompany Processes in Business Central
Fully automated intercompany process in  Business Central with Aptean Advanced Workflow

Fully automated intercompany process in Business Central with Aptean Advanced Workflow

Intercompany processes

 Intercompany processes, where transactions occur between different entities within the same organization, can be complex and time-consuming. Fortunately, Aptean Advanced Workflow offers a powerful solution to streamline and automate these processes in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

What is Aptean Advanced Workflow?

Aptean Advanced Workflow is an extension for Business Central that allows you to design and automate workflows3. It provides a visual interface to model and manage business processes. With this tool, you can easily create custom workflows without needing deep programming knowledge.

The Fully Automated Intercompany Process 

Let’s look at a fully automated intercompany process using Aptean Advanced Workflow:

Sales Order from Subsidiary: 

A subsidiary receives a sales order from an end customer. This order is automatically converted into a purchase order for the parent company.

Purchase Order for Parent Company: 

The parent company automatically receives the purchase order as a sales order in Business Central. Warehouse shipment and picking order: After approval, a warehouse shipment and picking order are automatically created for the delivered goods.

Shipment Booking and Packing Slip: 

After picking, the shipment is automatically booked, and the packing slip is printed.


The sales invoice is immediately booked and sent to the subsidiary. In the subsidiary, the receipt is automatically booked, and the sales shipment is automatically booked. The invoice is then automatically sent to the end customer. The purchase invoice is also automatically booked.

Benefits of Automation


Manual steps are eliminated, reducing lead time and errors.


Automation minimizes human errors.


You have full insight into the progress of the process.


With Aptean Advanced Workflow, you can seamlessly automate intercompany processes in Business Central6. This leads to efficiency, accuracy, and satisfied customers. Want to see it live in action? Request a demo here. We would love to show you this fully automated process.

Feel free to ask if you need any more help!

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